Arrr Mates, welcome to the Sexiest Pirate Pinups 'n the Seven Seas.
Pirates be hot, but women pirates be hotter!
2012 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar

Scurvydogs, these be pirate babes as ye have always imaged, but ne’er seen. Real pirate women dressin’ like men be hardly sexy.  Damn ye eyes with Halloween polyester pirate, as them be lookin’ cheap n’ fake.

Sorry Matie, there be no 2013 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar!
as I be busy working on two pirate books due out next year!

Most beautiful wenches scantly dressed in authentic pirate garb, be the treasure in every seamen eyes n’ a few ladies eyes as well.  These doxies be underdressed farr combat, barrt well armed with cutlass, flintlocks, daggers n’ rum bottles.

Many a pirate’s sharp sea eyes be mistakin’ these images has paintings.  They be a photograph of real women, masterfully garbed, armed, posed. 

Then these expertly taken photos be bought to that thar magikical program, Photoshop, where the background be replaced with a more appropriate one.  This be where most other photographer stop, barrt Tiger Lee be adding highlights, shadows, color adjustments n’ special effects to make each photo appeal painted. 

Tiger Lee be spendin’ a score of years mastering his skill in photography n’ computer crafted art.  He be one of the few blokes to earn two highly prized “Photoshop Guru Awards.”


Many of the costume n' pirate garb that appears be from my pirate store: Pirate

Follow thar adventure of Tiger Lee in his Search of Pirate Wenches by reading his blog.

Tiger & Tab created a logo fer the calendar, all thar wenches told us that if we be putting it on a shirt or skirt, they would buy it. So we created the Molly Roger product line featuring ta first female piracy symbol.

Tiger be thar only full time professional pirate photographer in the world.

Read what the orginator of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Bud Plant Comic Art, Femme Fatales Magazine n' Bilgemunky have to say about Hot Pirate Babes.

Molly Roger n' all photos be the copyright of Tiger Lee

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